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Classic English Pale Ale

Just bought a brew kit from bev-art and grabbed a Classic English Pale Ale kit along with it. Wanted to start out simple and buy a box with everything for the recipe. Brewing is like programming in my eyes. Start off simple and build up. Its like programming in more ways but I’ll save more insightful words for future posts.

Lyric and I made the wort today.


3.3 lbs plain light malt extract
2 lbs plain light dry malt extract
8 oz. crushed crystal malt
1 oz. Perle bittering hops (55 min)
1 1/2 oz. Willamette finishing hops (5 min)
1 Nottingham Yeast

Starting gravity : 1.056

The starting gravity was suppose to be 1.044-1.048, so something went wrong there. Also screwed up the siphoning from brew pot to fermenter, got more trub than I should have. The only other thing I fear is the amount of sanitation. It is a start though. Hopefully turns out nice for a first batch, we will know in a week.


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