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Bottled Coffee Red Ale

Got the Coffee Red Ale bottled last night. The final gravity was .0008. This gives it a fairly low abv, like 3.5%. Not sure what happened with the starting gravity. Can only hope it was just inaccurate :). Lyric and I took a small sampling and it tastes like it will be delicious. There is just a small hint of coffee along with a good Red Ale flavor. Can’t wait to crack open some bottles.


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Coffee Red Ale

Second brew today. Thought I’d add my two favorite things to diy together, coffee and beer. I roasted some fresh coffee and added it to my Red Ale that was brewed today.


3.3 lbs Plain light malt extract
2 lbs Plain light dry malt extract
12 oz. Crushed crystal malt
1 oz. Crushed black patent
1 oz Willamette Hops (Bittering)
1 oz Willamette Hops (Finishing)
4 shots espresso

Theoretical Starting Gravity — 1.042
Actual Starting Gravity — 1.036

So this time I got a lower gravity than was expecting… Should turn out alright though. Hopefully the coffee flavor blends well. I guess its all about trying new things.

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Bottled the Classic English Pale Ale last night. Finishing gravity of 1.011. This gives the beer a 5.8% abv, not too shabby, assuming that starting gravity was accurate. A few more weeks of worrying I screwed up the bottling process and then it is drinking time.

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