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Bottled the Irish Stout today. Final Gravity of 1.011. A nice abv of 4.2%. Can’t wait for this one to be ready to drink. Saving it for graduation weekend.


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Dry Irish Stout

Crushed Grain:
1 lbs Simpson’s Roasted Barley

6 lbs Gold Malt Syrup

1 oz Kent Goldings (60 mins)
1 oz Kent Goldings (20 mins)

Wyeast Irish Ale Yeast

Perfect starting gravity this time! 1.042-1.044! First time for everything. Can’t wait to have this one ready for drinking in a few weeks.

Also, racked the barley wine to the secondary fermenter. Two months from now will be bottling that.

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Barley Wine

Crushed Malt:
.5 lbs Dingemans Special B
.5 lbs Dingemans Biscuit

Malt Extract:
6 lbs Gold Malt Syrup
6 lbs Dark Malt Syrup

1 oz Target (60 min)
1 oz Cascade (30min)
1 oz Fuggle (1 min)

OG : 1.088

Wanted to get the gravity to 1.100 but failed. It may be higher than 1.088 since I didn’t have it fully mixed up when I took the sample from the middle. Either way it will hopefully get a 10% abv in the end, maybe even more. May have to add more yeast in a few days because it is so strong. 6 months is going to be a loooong wait for this beauty.

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Dear Record Companies

Want to get people to start buying whole albums instead of just one or two songs off the albums?

1) Start making good music
2) Start spending time on more than just one song on the album, calculating that perfect ‘hit’
3) Seriously start making good music and dump those people you call ‘artists’

Eh, I doubt they will follow any of this. The record companies will continue to bitch while continuing to shovel out the same old shit that will continue to be bought by the same people who listen to the radio and try to fit in. But since only one song is actually worth anything (relatively speaking) they will only want to purchase that one song. Its simple logic that greedy execs either can’t understand or don’t care about. I assume some fall under one category and some the other.

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