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Those who pick YOUR food (especially you Whole Foods fucks) deserve free health care.

Tax the rich. Care for the rest.


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If you have to buy a shirt (especially online) that says you are not “normal”…. YOU ARE NORMAL!


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Why does it cost my insurance 250 dollars for my moles, but if I paid it it is 450?

Crazy kids. Hate them all.

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Public Services cont.

I’d first like to address Tim’s example of schools in his last post. We all know public schools have major problems (one being the segregation that never left), not to mention our higher education costing so damn much. First, I must be clear that I don’t think students should be forced to go to school. Many people would be much happier learning a trade instead. But they must learn to read! Reading is a key to democracy and getting ideas out there, and thank god it has become even easier now with the internet. So you give the students more options. But your example of people choosing which fund to put their money for schools in basically creates the exact same system we have with taxes. Currently schools in rich neighborhoods receive more tax money because the people around that area have more money, example property taxes. Now you may agree with this design, which means that your see your example of private funds people can place their money into for schools as fair. I see it as continuing the cycle. I don’t know how you plan to gauge “determined students”, but I feel giving them choices on how to pursue their education fixes that problem. Tax payer money should be distributed across the schools equally.

I choose not to ever describe my positions or myself with an ‘ism’ or ‘ist’, it just causes too much trouble. But yes I know the views I expressed before carry on to Marxism. I’d rather say my ideas than say I am a Marxist. For one, saying I am a Marxist gives the idea that I have made up my mind, and I have not. I have made up my mind on general things, most services being government services for one, but can’t say I have decided that everyone should be a government employee. I see the faults and must work them out before I choose describe myself as anything. Been debating it with myself and others for nearly a decade now… it sure isn’t easy :). That is why I like to debate, even when others deem it useless. It is not. Can debates of this kind often become wastes of time? Hell yes, but good debate is never bad, especially when the people leave open their views for change, religion vs science is an example of one side having trouble admitting they could be wrong.

Also, regarding Dichloroacetate, I checked it out quickly on the all knowing Wikipedia, no time for real research, and it was only published in January of this year that is a potential cancer defeater. So it is pretty early in the game to claim it is not in use yet because of it not being patentable… Though I do agree that those companies work for large profit, I see that as a problem and not one to be fixed by making it more profitable for them. And are you not against large corporations? Thus, for your system to work the private charity funding being give to research the drug should work out, shouldn’t it? There is also government funding being given to the research. I think we all know which one I like.

I’m sure I skipped some important points in Tim’s but I must get to something Cezar said:

“I’ll ignore your anger and spouting and ask you, have you ever lived in a poor area, been poor yourself, or lived in a welfare state?”

I do hate when I let my anger get the better of me and say things in a less intelligent fashion than I can, but it need not be ignored. Anger is a necessary tool, I’d guess it is why we evolved with anger. Have I ever been poor? Luckily, I have not. I’ve been middle class my whole life and am lucky to still be middle class even now that I am on my own. But once again you go on to slightly offend me with your next statements.

“I don’t think you have. Yes, there are a good amount of hard working people, but there are many many more stupid people who have put themselves into the position that they are in. They take advantage of whatever situation that requires the most work. E.g. Having more kids to get a bigger welfare check.”

I’ve waited a while to respond in hopes I won’t let my anger out this time. I may never have been poor myself but I do have friends and acquaintances who are not that lucky. Many are very hard working. Now maybe you came from a poor family and worked your way up and now resent those who didn’t, I really hope that is not the case. Some people have to be damn tough to help their family, if they are lucky/unlucky enough to have one, to have the money they need to survive. And yes, sometimes it is the parents “fault” (I don’t care to argue here the many reasons people arrive in positions where it seems to be their fault but on deeper inspection is not, i.e. drugs), but because a parent doesn’t push themselves causing a child to have to spend their years working late jobs and not doing as well as they could in school and not having the money to go to college we should let that go? It just continues the cycle. Your reasoning is much like the early Irish of the United States. “Why can’t the blacks raise themselves up by their bootstraps like we did?” I don’t know if they only said this but did not believe it. Can only hope they were not serious as they were the ones trying their best to keep the blacks in their “place”, to keep them in worse schools, worse wages, etc.

Lastly, since this post has gotten so long I’ll have to reply to more later, a quick rebuttal to Tim’s theory.

“if a greedy market actor attempts to gain wealth not by killing and stealing, but through fraud or other shady means, other market actors will recognize this and stop interacting with the original actor for fear that they will be defrauded or scammed in some way.”

If only this were true. But since the beginning these greedy actors have banned together to restrict the lower actors. I’m reading an amazing book on early major league baseball, Crazy ’08: How a Cast of Cranks, Rogues, Boneheads, and Magnates Created the Greatest Year in Baseball History , and it has a similar situation. The baseball owners since the beginning of baseball have been able to create deals together to make larger profit while exploiting the players. So, the players decide, enough let’s start our own league… that goes no where, crash and burn. 70 years later, players finally get the right to be free agents. I guess that can be seen as a win for your argument, only took 70 years, not too bad… They were really not able to get rights until they were making enough money to be able to be serious about striking and such. But what about the places this still has not happened? The places in the United States and the rest of the world where the employees do not make enough to be able to live without their jobs. The owners can still ban together to make it even harder for employees to ever stop the abuse. And for some reason the people who don’t work their don’t care, they get cheaper good and buy into the propaganda the greedy actors have the power to distribute.

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Everything Public

This is towards Tim’s comment to my previous post.

I did not overstate this line what so ever:

“All such services, fuel, power, water, transportation, health care, etc should be in the hands of the public.”

If anything you showed me that I understated it. Why are you afraid of the government ISP and phone service? Because you fear the government. Like I said, the government must fear us for any of this to work. It must be us! (yes, we must fear ourselves, hehe)

Transportation?!?!? Oh give me a damn break. You know why the el has problems? A number of reasons, 1) underfunded(I’m sure plenty will contest this, but I love high taxes(especially on the rich) as long as they are given to the proper places. The CTA cost to ride is too high.) 2) very old 3) people won’t ride it. And, no, the only reason people won’t ride it is not because it is underfunded and “full” of scary bums (oh my!). The reverse is the case. Is it slightly slow at times? Yes, they are trying to bring it as close to the 21st century as they can, which means construction. Furthermore, there are cities that have such fast and reliable public transit you don’t even worry about missing a train since there is one coming up right behind it… Oh, but none of them are located in the United States, how odd. Maybe there is a pubic service black hole in the United States! That must be it since its proven to work fine elsewhere. So, either it is all lies that public services work elsewhere or for some reason people don’t want it to work here.

“I like paid services, it in general puts people at the level of society they’re willing to put forth the effort for.”

This I can’t comprehend at all. If you think people are in their class “level” only because of the effort they put forth there is not point even discussing it. That is just complete nonsense and offensive to all the hard working people out there who aren’t at your “level”. Fuck a “level of society”. The class war is a lot easier with paid services isn’t it?

The government should be “of the people”. We must get rid of many things in Washington and add much transparency till it is truly of the people. But then how can public services be bad? It is simply the way of the people to all help each other. Those services should be ours, not there’s. I don’t see how anyone could not want such a society, except for those who like the class system and want to go their lives not having to see the “unsightly” of society.

I’m sure I’ll more on this in future posts. This one has gotten long enough for now.

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Public Health Care

I just saw Adam’s post and wanted to point out why I support public health care. First of all, nothing is perfect. If there was a country that anytime you needed a surgery you got it in a timely fashion… well that is just impossible. So you have to pick the system that works best for the most people. Watching Sicko I wish he did point this out more, but he didn’t. I still stick by the movie though as it shows the other systems work(people do get treated and doctors do get paid) and are not part of some evil “red” conspiracy.

Every time I’ve gone too or by a hospital, sadly often since I take the redline past one frequently, I think to myself “What the fuck is the point? Why have these stupid things if everyone on the street can’t walk in and get treated to the best of the staffs ability?” It has always been obvious to me, and I am frequently shocked to learn that others don’t feel the same way when they see a hospital.

All such services, fuel, power, water, transportation, health care, etc should be in the hands of the public. Paid for by our tax money so that all the citizens can receive the benefits. The fact that people (except those in charge making the big bucks) want these things held by private organizations is incomprehensible to me.

Do things need to change in the government for this to work? Hell yes. The government must be transparent and fear us for this to work. The point is to put everything in the hands of the people, not a business. The way our government is currently being run is much like a tightly closed corporation that feels it need not tell us anything of how it does business. This must change. The government must fear us for public services to ever work. This point is also made nicely in Sicko. I hope that now that it is out in a widespread movie people will come to realize dissent is a tool of democracy.

I’m sorry I don’t know how to argue my point very well. For me it is like arguing true is true. It just is, its the obvious case. Explaining it seems odd since I don’t feel it should need to be explained. I guess that is what film makers are for.

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