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Goat Scrotum Foo

This is my first attempt at a non-ingredient kit beer and the recipe doesn’t give exact malts, hops or amounts so a first picking proper ingredients for a style as well. Was fun! You can find the original recipe for Goat Scrotum Ale in The Complete Joy of Homebrewing or anywhere online, so I’m only giving the recipe I used. Goat Scrotum is a Porter brewed with as many or as few special ingredients that the brew wants, each one has actually been used in the brewing of Porters for hundreds of years according to the book. Try to find the this bad boy from a commercial brewer!

Crushed Grains:
1 lb Simpson’s extra dark crystal malt
1/4 lb Simpson’s black malt
1/4 lb Simpson’s roasted barley

3.52 lbs John Bull plain dark malt extract syrup
3.52 lbs John Bull plain dark malt extract syrup
1 c. dark brown sugar
1 c. blackstrap molasses
2 tsp gypsum
1 lb corn sugar

“Special” Fermentables:
~4 oz. chopped ginger
2.2 in. brewing licorice
9 dried Thai peppers
1/4 c. juniper berries (suppose to be slightly crushed, but I forgot)
2.85 oz. unsweetened Baker’s chocolate

1 oz. Northern Brewer Pellets (60 min)
1/2 oz. Fuggle Pellets (60 min)
1/4 oz. Fuggle Pellets (2 min)

Wyeast British Ale

The original gravity was waaaaaaaaay off…. It read 1.120. Which would be insane! Not sure what happened, but its fermenting fine now so there is no way it was that strong. Especially since it only really had 7 lbs of malt and a pound of sugar. Not sure if some of the other stuff didn’t mix well and was sucked in the siphon changing the density or what. All that matters is that it successfully ferments. Hopefully will bottle in a few days. Can’t wait to try this in a few weeks, will be mind blowing I’m sure.


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I’ve fallen behind on my posts. I’ve bottled both my Barley Wine and my Belgian Dubbel in that time. The Barley Wine came out with around a 10% abv. Here is the info on the Belgian Dubbel from Northern Brewer:

Specialty Grains:
.25 lbs Dingemans Caramunich
.25 lbs Dingemans Special B

6.3lbs Gold Malt Syrup
1 lbs Golden Light Dry Malt Extract
1 lbs Dark Belgian Candi Sugar

1 oz Hersbrucker (60 min)
1 oz Saaz (1 min)

Wyeast #1214 Belgian Ale Yeast

OG: 1.065
FG: 1.010

A nice ~7% abv. Can’t wait till this one is ready to drink, probably sometime in October.

My next will be a my version of the Goat Scrotum Ale. Will be my most interesting brew and my first non-kit brew. Picking ingredients is fun and scary.

I think after that I’ll have to do an Oatmeal Stout in honor of the late Michael Jackson. Everyone remember to toast to him and the love of beer on September 30th.

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