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Tilda 0.9.5 Released

A new version of Tilda has been set out into the wild yesterday, version 0.9.5. The source can be downloaded here, or wait for your distro to include it.

Tilda 0.9.5 Screenshot

Plenty of new features and bug fixes for this release:

  • Tabs now loop to beginning/end for next/prev
  • Better animation support
  • major code reorganization
  • Make WWW links Ctrl+Left Click to open in a web browser
  • Remove old configuration conversion script
  • Updated documentation
  • Use glade to generate the config wizard
  • Fixed clear/reset issue
  • Switched to Gnome shortcut keys
  • Fixed background scrolling bug
  • Gettextize for translations
  • Added true transparency
  • Made scrollbar off by default
  • Fixed another bug in getting the new lock file (Thanks Wilberding)
  • Removed resize/move from hide when animation is turned off. This will fix the closing of certain program (i.e. nano) when Tilda is hidden
  • To keep Tilda open on ‘exit’ set Preferences->Title and Command->When Command Exits to “Hold the Terminal Open”

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