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Who would have thought that an economy based on overspending wouldn’t work forever? Who would have thought that a society where the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class either stays stagnant or gets poorer wouldn’t work?

After the great progressive boon in the early to mid 1900’s the United States took a drastic turn for the worse. The levels of inequality are offensive and the middle class falling is inexcusable. And the only half assed solution that can be provided to stimulate the economy is to expect those overspent and underpaid workers to do the same thing again and again. People are not spending like they used to because they can NOT, they see a bleak future and know to save. Which means they will not go out and spend this stimulus package at a whim.

There is no doubt that this is NOT a turn towards a complete downfall of our economy. We can dance on needles for decades. But things are going to have to change. People are going to have to accept living within their means and wages are going to have to FINALLY go up. Businesses are going to have to start accepting an economy based on selling any random shiny crap by convincing people how much they want it will not last! The rich must be taxed more. The government must also live within its means. This ridiculous military spending and selling itself to foreign powers must stop.

I hear Obama talking about “change” alot. Maybe he has mentioned these simple things and I haven’t heard them. If not, he better start.


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Gravmas Ale

The Gravmas Ale has been bottled! Came out with a 1.014 final gravity, with a 1.075 original gravity that gives it a ~7.8% abv. Can’t wait to try one in the beginning of March. Tasting the non-carbonated beer it tasted really good but the amount of spices may be less than I would have liked. Next time around I’ll definitely be throwing in more.

For my next brew I’m thinking Szechwan Porter. Not sure what extra I’ll put in it, probably just ginger, dried peppers and peppercorn. Suggestions? And really, don’t we need a nice dark beer that will go well with our Chinese food?

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Guns continued…

This should probably be the last post on this matter. Could go on forever with Tim. And I’m sure The Manchicken will fly in at some point. This is a hard debate with facts supporting both sides (not referring to readings of the constitution, but murders and availability of guns) and this forum just doesn’t work well for it. Don’t worry, I’ll have more annoying posts about other issues as I continue to listen to Patriot radio in Diginux‘s car…

Another question. Think about all the large shootings you’ve heard about in the past. Now, how many of those were done with illegally purchased guns? I’m sure there were a few, but to my knowledge, almost none. So, this notion that these people would have definitely decided to go on their rampage despite not having readily available legal firearms is bullshit.

Will illegal firearms be available forever, yes. We can only hope to make legal and illegal firearms harder and harder to get. Everyone owning a gun makes absolutely no sense. We have troops coming back from Iraq and owning dozens of guns, snapping and shooting. There have been hundreds of deaths due to this. I’m sure some of them would still find a way to get a gun illegally, but most carry weapons because they can and because its the thing to do for protection.

And personally I don’t care much for what the wording, or even what it says, in the constitution, about anything. I know we have amendments to keep it up to date, but the fact is, the document was written 200 years ago, a very different time. Its nice when it seems to agree with me, but in the end its just a document. All the constitutionalists just seem silly to me.

And, although it really has nothing to do with your point or mine (referring to comments to my past post), the constitution didn’t protect everyones rights. I’d put a 😛 after that… but just seems wrong.

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Gun Control

Quick question. Man enters a public area with the intent of killing as many as he can. What will result in the most damage, man with gun, man with knife or man with bare hands? Tough question isn’t it… No wait, it isn’t at all. The gun lovers would like you to think it is. ‘A person with murderous intent can just use his bare hands’. I’ve never tried this but I can guess it is far more difficult.

No one could ever think that gun control could stop all murders. But, I have no idea how the pro-gun groups can think this is some win for them pointing this out.

Now, the 2nd Amendment. The one that the pro-gun nuts can’t properly read. First off, the damn thing is not that old! I find it very sad that it could be wrapped in so much mystery. Though sadly it had changes even when it was written and the dreaded comma placement is at the root of the argument. Problem is, back then they threw commas around like pieces of meat!

The fact that militias are protected by the federal government does not mean that you can carry (or even own) a firearm where ever you damn well please. A nice editorial on the phrasing of the amendment can be found here.

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