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Bourgeois Lies

I realized an interesting thing today. There is a similarity between McCain’s tax speak and the age old fear of Communism and Socialism. He continually claims Obama will raise “your” taxes. As most of us know Obama will raise the taxes of those who make $250k+ and lower taxes on the rest. McCain plans to lower taxes on the rich and actually tax employer provided healthcare to employees for the first time, while giving a tax credit to families that won’t cover that extra tax or actually buy good enough healtcare.

So, McCain is talking about taxes on the Bourgeosie, not the middle and lower class. To me this is similar to both parties claims that Communism and Socialism remove freedom. What freedom are they speaking of? They don’t speak of individual freedom and liberty, but thats what they want you to think.

I should add a quick disclaimer. Some will confuse Communism and Socialism with particular regimes and philosophies, Maoism and Stalinism as two examples. This is not a post defending dictatorships and famine from basically aristocracies claiming to be Communist. True Communism, Socialism or the specific form Marxism is the topic of discussion here.

The freedom removed in Communism is the freedom of control of the modes of production by individuals, the transition from private property to state owned property. This does not refer to your clothes and this does not refer to how you want to wear your hair. The upper class does not want to lose their control of the lower classes, they don’t want to lose their free trade and their nearly free exchange of money at the top levels and their control of capital.

Even more interesting is the fact that these same people want to control your lives and want to strip you of your freedoms! More evidence of what they truly refer to when they speak of losing freedoms. Both parties want to control your lives and spy on you. The Democrats may be slightly better than the Republicans; supporting women’s rights, slightly less ridiculous drug laws, etc. However, both support restricting your lives based on their faiths and their profit, and both supported the Patriot Act. This is the freedom you vote for? This is the liberty you vote for? All we want to do is get rid of private capital and put everything in your hands, yet we are the ones who want to destroy your freedom?

Another similarity is the claim that the GPL is anti-freedom. The GPL ensures that when you take my source code and modify it and release your new program you must pass on that souce code as well. This means that the freedom continues to move to the people. In contrast, the BSD license does not enforce this. Does that mean it is more free in a sense? Yes. It gives someone the freedom to restrict someone elses freedom and make them dependent apon that person who released the program, this I can not support.

In comparison, Communism ensures that no person can bring another under his/her control by the ownership of property.

As a last remark to Eric S Raymond who claimed Communism is a bullet in your head for not sharing. I’d be much more afraid of being shot by the libertarian, gun loving ESR when you step on his land than by me, the Communist. Just saying.


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Paxil Progress

When I was first reading people’s posts about their experience on Paxil a few people mentioned that it can be hard to find stories of how Paxil helps people because they stop posting after it starts working. The horror stories are easy to find. Sadly, I did the same! But I am correcting that now.

Paxil is simply amazing for me. The difference its made already is impossible to measure. I was able to shop at a crowded, under construction Jewel and even have the check out take forever because they couldn’t get my beer to ring up, with no freak out at all. I simply stood there in amazement as the lady attempted to get the machine to work trying to figure out what this feeling was… it was nothing. I couldn’t care less, I had no where to be and no reason to rush out of there, so I was completely relaxed about it.

Before Paxil, just being in the Jewel at that time would have drove me up the wall. Additionally, I have been able to go out and be in crowded areas, even while hungry, and not have a panic attack. Sure crowded bars full of annoying people still piss me off, as they should, but I don’t feel like I may collapse or run to the bathroom to vomit.

I can walk down the street alone without having to stare straight at the ground, praying to make no eye contact with the people around me. I have energy and I don’t fear every little thing. I can leave my apartment without checking that everything is off or that I actually have clothes on multiple times. I actually left and came back to find a light was still on! Besides that being amazing, I didn’t freak out and assume someone had been in my apartment while I was gone!

I can go on and on about how different my life is now, but I’ll end now with a message to Tom Cruise, SCREW YOU and your CULT. Paxil may not work for everyone, but for those that it does it is a gift from Zeus.

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