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My mother didn’t want me writing Father Newman, so I’m writing it here instead. The ignorance this man is spewing is inconceivable. To vote on only one issue and leave everything else out proves he has a very narrow minded view of the world. Maybe that’s why he is a priest. For some reason the “death” of unborn humans is far worse than the innocent born humans who are being massacred daily because of the wars McCain so whole-heartedly supports. Yes, innocent lives. The rockets we shoot into Afghan villages don’t just kill adult “terrorists”. The raids we do on Iraq homes don’t just capture adult “terrorists”. We cause the deaths of children and innocent adults. We capture innocent adults and send them to prisons to be tortured.

Thats only part of the innocent born humans effected by these politicians. Millions without adequate or no health care suffer and die because of the greed and corrupt nature of these politicians. Millions in factories around the world suffer and die for the greed of the capitalist system supported by these politicians.

But all we are suppose to care about is abortion? A woman’s right to choose. Something that if it wasn’t safe, legal and rare would have horrible consequences. I can’t even comphrend the ignorance of this man.

If the choice was truly only between two the choice would be Obama, but its not. He too will still cause harm in the Middle East and to the poor and to those who can’t get health care. The truly “Christian” vote would have been, oddly enough, Nader.

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